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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  April 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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weekly with pre-trial services and surrender his passport. he's not allowed to fly an aircraft of any kind. he won't be allowed to return to dc except for trial or to meet with his lawyer. he faced just two charges today related to his flight. unlawful operation of the unregistered aircraft and violation of national defense air space. total possible jail time, four years. >> and hughes is also banned from going anywhere near the white house or the capitol building. how he got so close yesterday without being intercepted is still under investigation. reporting live, wusa9. >> that is the question that a lot of folks were asking, especially since he told a lot of news outlets exactly what he was going to do. in fact, he sent a letter yesterday morning. he started talking to one reporter at the tampa bay times a long time before that. >> and some people were asking if that reporter and his editors waited too long to tell the police what hughes was up to. she is in the newsroom with
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more on this part of the saga. allison? >> reporter: the reporter of this story says he and his publications acted appropriately, even though they didn't call to tell them about their plan until it was about 30 minutes before he landed. they say that the other people knew, other people that knew him told the secret service about his plans and that the authorities interviewed him just months before speaking to the reporter. not everyone thinks they have handled this appropriately. one reporter wasn't all that surprised because hughes called him a year august. >> he didn't identify himself. he said he was going to commit an act of disobedience and no one was going to get hurt. >> he laid out this plan. he's a transparent guy.
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>> reporter: his editors didn't call anyone. when they called police it was in a journalistic manner. >> do you know about a man who is headed for protective air space, headed for protective air space. in a lightweight gyrocopter. >> as reporters we're not suppose to be in the business of hiding from the public. >> there is no gray area and the public should have known about this well before approaching the west lawn. >> whether it is posting the story, nothing in advance so that people can see the threat. or basically calling up law enforcement to say this guy was coming. >> everything he did in his plan suggested that he was doing this for the preservation
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of himself and others. >> reporter: he says that there is no way that montgomery or anyone in the tampa bay times could be sure of that. >> he says he's harmless. they think he's harmless, but how do you really know? he didn't believe that there was a story unless he was crossed in to restrictive air space, why it was not published until yesterday. >> allison, thank you. critics say that this is a breach of ethics and ultimately he put the responsibility on the editors. now they say that someone above the reporter should have decided to alert the public. holding it as a ploy, holding it was a ploy we should say. we reached out to the tampa bay times and asked to speak to editors there. hughes literally flew his
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gyrocopter right under the radar. and there are big questions about that tonight and about phone calls that the tampa bay times says it made to the secret service and the u.s. capitol police beforehand. bruce leshan will have more on that part of the story coming up tonight at 6:00. our partners at the washington post reports that preliminary plans to add steel spikes to the top of the fence has been approved. the need for increased security comes after several high- profile perimeter breaches, including one man who actually made it in to the white house. the post also reports that the other rejected ideas, included an electrified fence and even a mote. it was one month ago that the residence in one neighborhood was startled when they found a body on the jogging path. now they made an arrest in what may be a gang-related killing. hank hank is live tonight at the scene where that victim was
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located. hank? >> reporter: that's right, derek. it was on this path on march 16 that the victim's body was located by some neighborhood kids who were using the path. we are here in herdon just off the area. today we can tell you that they have arrested an 18-year-old in this murder case. and accused of killing the 22-year-old of herndon where they are not saying many circumstances, but looking at the possible gang activity. the case is far from closed. >> it is my understanding that this arrest, if the case is not closed it is still active and ongoing. at this . it's the only arrest. >> it's not clear if it took place here on the path of the extreme or if the body was dumped in this area, can had is hundreds of yards away from the near homes. it's hard to believe it's a murder scene. this sunny day where people are mostly concerned about spring clean up. the body was found on march 16 by someone walking through the
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park. >> we do have gangs that operate within fairfax county and a gang task force that will work with the federal partners and other regional partners in tracking those gangs and monitoring. >> there have been some gang activity across north virginia in recent years. calling it a gang-style killing. and now we can tell you that police, they have indicated that there will be more arrests in this case, but they are not being very specific. hank hank wusa9. >> hank, thank you. we know the name of the person killed last night. investigators say that the victim is the of tacoma park. police say that they found him suffering from a gunshot wound inside a car. he was pronounced dead there. right now they do not believe that this was a random killing as they are trying to figure out who pulled the trigger. the investigators are trying to figure out what caused a fire in arlington, which came in just before not to answer the question regarding a house on south --
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before the afternoon regarding a house on south wall street. it took them about 30 minutes after that to get the fire under control. that blaze caused some serious damage to that home. in fact two neighboring homes were damaged too. just a stellar day outside. the first alert meteorologisthoward bernstein is here on the weather terrace. thank you, top. and howard, you are tracking some showers for tonight and tomorrow morning. >> if you have evening plans, i'd say go for it to enjoy it, you might need a light jacket. but what a beautiful afternoon. 74 so far. and at least 74. we'll know in the next hour how warm it got today. but tracking those showers and the bark here is much worse than the bite. and this activity is moving off about 35 miles an hour. we've seen some shower activity in the valley. and reporting a shallow area well to our south. they are going up in to pennsylvania. what's happening is that these showers are moving in to the very dry air. and that's right, it is just eating them up.
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having a tough time moving towards us. this stuff, it might not be reaching the ground. towards culpeper. a light sprinkle is all we're seeing here. and so for the evening, the light jacket that you may get a sprinkle or two, falling down to the lower 60s. bill back in a few minutes with a pretty good weekend forecast. back to you. >> it'll be a good weekend forecast, howard, thank you. they are working on a plan to repair or replace that pedestrian bridge, crumbled by the contractor for yesterday. we are live on that bridge to nowhere. >> reporter: the green line is back, but the bridge is not as you can see behind me. this bridge was a lifeline that got it from here to there.
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>> reporter: the trains are running, people are not. >> joggers, bikers. they all use it. they had to come and see it. >> i road my bike over there and walked over. and that they would play in that lake. >> it was right before their rush. when he smashed that in to the bridge, leaving the con creek on -- concrete on to the tracks. was he at fault? when will it be fixed? how much will it cost? who will pay? all questions that metro and them have it answered. but the one thing you can measure is that inconvenience. >> and how far now that you don't have that? >> i drive. [ laughter ] >> reporter: metro says they will meet with the local officials to figure out a plan to replace the bridge. in the meantime we're going to take a walk and experience this
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inconvenience. >> it's a long walk. 1.68 miles. two neighborhood streets and busy traffic. >> and i have to walk in the street because there are no sidewalks. >> reporter: there is also a trail, but i chose the google maps root. >> taking me more than 30 minutes, which they will tell you that they do not have in a day. >> how soon do you want to see it fixed. >> i did reach out and that is the contractor, of course. debra alfarone wusa9. >> deb, thank you. their investigation includes photos, measurements from yesterday, interviews with the contractors involved, the inspection of the equipment and the bridge and of course a review of the work history there. >> reporter: some of the drivers, let's see those hot lanes in virginia with a class action lawsuit. that's the company that could operate the roads.
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they claim that their partners are charging the unfair fees to those who allegely failed to pay that. peggy fox has been reporting extensively on these complaints. now, they say that they will slab you with a $100 administrative fee with little or nothing to do with the actual cost of processing the so-called toll evaders. and the county police officer arrested on child porn charges will be staying behind bars until the bond hearing. he appeared in court this morning, where that bond hearing was continued until tomorrow. they got a tip that it was uploaded. the detectives say that upload came from the home owned by walker. a former manager admits that they submitted the name of the fictitious employees. the 42-year-old then used those cards to withdraw $114,000. after pleading guilty, the
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banks agreed to pay full restitution. she'll face less than three years in prison. right now, the freedom plaza is alive with the sound of music. >> it's a free concert that will be a part of their annual celebration of the emancipation day. those festivities included a parade down pennsylvania avenue this morning with the giant balloons, terrific marching bands, even a big buddy. and they caught up with the parade watchers. >> are you going to the parade? >> yes. >> in short they like everything. after tonight's concert, there will be a fireworks finale starting around 8:45 at freedom plaza as they would know that the emancipation day commemorates the day back on april 16, 1862. that the president signed an act, that abolished slavery in the district. well, we are just getting
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started on wusa9 news at 5:00. and more reaction tonight on the proposed property tax hike. the chief scott broom has the story coming your way at 5:30. the latest on tonight's showers, the weekend forecast when we think that you'll love. new information about the volunteer deputy who shot and killed a well, sir. after some serious consideration i'd like to put in my 15-year notice. you're quitting!? technically retiring, sir. with a little help from my state farm agent i plan to retire in 15 years.
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and two people are recovering after the collision between a box truck and a taxi. you can see what's left of the
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taxi there. hazmat crews had to be called in. police have charged six people in a string of commercial and residential break-ins in howard county. among them, these two. when investigators say that each of the other four people worked with ed and colin in one or more of the burglaries. when they discovered that the stolen property had been pawned. new information for the volunteer deputy who shot and killed a suspect after confusing his gun with a taser. they cite claiming that the supervisors were ordered to give him credit for firearm training that he never got. they claim that the reports aren't true. that those sources are merely disgruntled employees. now the lawyer also claims that bates has hundreds of hours of training and complete police academy training when --
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completed police academy training when he served as an officer. he was shot in louisiana this morning. that deputy was directing the school buses in st. charles parish when he was shot three times. they quickly caught up with the suspect, but no one is quite sure why he did it. the deputy is in stable, but guarded condition. and no, this is not old faithful at yellow stone national park, but it's what happened after the car apparently drives in to the fire hydrant. this one went down early in antelope, california, not far from sacramento. and they were told that it took the crew just hours. the exact cause under investigation, but we know that california, they have no water to spare. and it will be a long time. >> and when you hear how desperate the situation was as they are saying it is not a good situation.
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and that we'll get a couple of showers here and there and on friday, that she is happy with the forecast. and that it will be yard work or just going out to the park, going for a good bike ride. that saturday will be stupendous. saturday will be great. here is doppler 9000. it's trying to get to dc. but on the top of the broadcast, the air mass was so dry, that the rain will be moving east where it will be loosening up their get go. do you see what's happening? it is sort of falling apart. that we may see a sprinkle. and from manassas, trying to track towards southwestern fairfax county, up towards chantilly, just a sprinkle. that there won't be much moisture with it. but they will be tracking north at turnpike now, where it will be in pennsylvania. to hagerstown with a couple of
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showers your way. hagerstown, you'll get it before the 6:00 hour, but the showers, they are really few and far between. right now we're sitting at 71 with mostly cloudy skies. but the south wind at 10. the humidity, that's what i'm talking about, only 42% this afternoon. and hey, they are back in town, phillies, going out to the ballpark as it will be a good evening. the slight chance that we'll see a shower here or there and that's it. just some isolated showers as temperatures will be falling through the 60s. and with that jacket sweatshirt l. the weather headlines, a few showers tonight in to tomorrow morning and the bus stop temps tomorrow, they will be in the 50s. a few morning showers here and there with a break. and maybe a rumble of thunder on friday, but not enough to warrant that yellow alert. and then what happens to saturday? a great day for the outdoor activity. but saturday will be in the 70s to the near 80s, while they will stay in the 60s. showers mainly north of town as we would go in to friday morning. might not be too much going on
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south of dc. we'll take you through friday, midday, not bad. in to the low to mid-70s tomorrow. but in the afternoon the threat for the shower with a rumble of thunder, clearing out on friday night. and that will set up the stage for a gorgeous saturday. with a look out the forecast tonight, just a couple of showers by tomorrow morning, in the low to mid-50s to start your day. tomorrow morning the 50s in to the 60s with just that passing shower, especially north. winds tomorrow, they will turn southwesterly at 10 with some breaks, we'll get in to the lower to mid-70s. the stray thunderstorm, winds are southwest at 10 as we look at your three-day forecast. saturday is stupendous. saturday 79. on sunday 68 degrees with the increasing clouds, you could see a late shower possible. and then that seven-day forecast, well we are talking about we've got the nats by the way on wusa here. monday looks wet with the temps in the mid-70s. then it's not that seasonable there as we head in to tuesday and wednesday. well, another day in court for a local death man who
5:21 pm
claims that he was held in the arlington county jail for six weeks without being able to communicate to the outside world. he is suing the arlington county and the state of virginia for damaging the american with disabilities acts. claiming that their rights were violated. >> he was in jail for six weeks. it had to be obvious to the employees. i mean six weeks. >> and they would control that jail, where the allegations are not true. the judge will make a decision. still ahead a surprising new gig for the dc councilman. >> you'll need to hear about this one. >> the major legal victory that would keep one u.s. automaker from paying billions. what they are serving up the passengers on
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former dc councilman has a new gig, all according to washington where they will be promoting the club on sunday.
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it's the place called the house. they will be catering. they will also promote the mail strippers. and now to the consumer alerts. but why is the jobless claim for a second straight week? and to have them sliding slightly today. nasdaq fell three. general motors has won a major league victory to keep them from paying out billions of dollars. ruling that the auto manufacturer is shielded for many deaths and injury claims in crashes that have happened before they would emerge from the bankruptcy protection. now, they knew about these faulty ignition switches at the time and they mislead the court as there have been at least 84 deaths linked to the problems. all over the massive data
5:26 pm
breach back in 2013. they will use the money to reissue the fraud-related charges that are connected to the breach. they will upgrade their food on the international flights. and they will get three-course meals starting in june. they will include the turkeymeatloaves. american and delta are opening it up on their international flight. some pet owners are concerned that there is an increase in cases of the dog flu. we'll have the details up next in the health alert. plus, with the deadly hit and run. what's next for the former hip hop motion l. is he courageous or is he just crazy? i'm the bureau chief. coming up, the reactions to the plans to raise the property taxes by 15%. and the turn around for
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if you have been watching us this week, you cannot say that we did not warn you, now they are turning away. >> everybody is talking about it. the issue is the plan to dramatically raise the property taxes of their school system in just five years. they have been leading the reporting on this, joining us with the latest reactions.
5:30 pm
>> well, this is all the idea of the county executive, where she has really stuck his neck out for them to call for it. almost the immediate 15% property tax hike. some of their admirers are calling them courageous with a lot of other people calling him crazy. >> change will not come if we wait for some other person for some other time. >> prince george's county executive was at it again this morning in front of the county business leaders. >> the young families in dc and the surrounding areas, they will think twice about locating the prince george's county. >> and their plan is to raise the property taxes by 15%. and to use the money for the immediate makeover. a turn around of the school system. promising to bring it in to the
5:31 pm
top ten in just five years. >> it's not right. >> reporter: they've got a long way to go with taxpayers. >> it'll be extreme. and the ceo took their show on the road this week at the community forums. >> it was another option. if i could print money, i would be printing it. >> they keep saying to give me more and more. >> reporter: they reported it on the wusa9 facebook page unleashing the economists. as he is crazy, many said. what happened to the money from the casino that the others have? and they will be on the hot seat to approve that plan, holding fire. no one taking the position. >> it is definitely courageous. >> reporter: education has been and will continue to be one of the biggest competitors. that it is why the property values are lower and it is why we would struggle to show you. but it isan obstacle that we have to confront. the issue is if it is too much
5:32 pm
too soon. are these the right kind of ways to generate the revenue, the kind of questions that they will need to answer. >> if we do not take ownership for investing in our children's success, who will? >> it is really a true believer as crime has turned around here in prince george's county. and it is down 40%. the economic development is up with six billion in new projects that will be underway. some people are calling that a miracle and they say that the missing pieces of the education where a lot of folks think that they will need to come up with some magic to turn it around. the taxes here, they are among the highest in the league, but the local contributions, to the school system is the lowest. it is less than 40%. compared to the local taxes where they would stay for about 60% of the school system. that is all part of the county
5:33 pm
executive sales pitch. but so far that it has been a very tough sell with a lot of negative commentary. reporting live. scott broom, wusa9. >> that's a whole lot of math. here is some more, adding about $450 to the annual tax bill on a $300,000 home. welcoming the wounded warriors bike ride today. they hope to bring awareness to the challenges that they might be dealing with when they would return home. saying to the veterans that behind them on the journey ahead. >> we want all of you to know that we will not be with you for three days and it will be 60 miles of a nation, the americans that are grateful as we will be with you on all the roads of your life ahead. >> and the president and the vice president all had the
5:34 pm
higher views as they would roll out. the boeing 777 went missing on march 8 of last year. more than 200 people were on board. it was never made clear what would happen if the plane is never found. a day of reflection for the victims, on the april 16, we've massacre. they were killed that day and there was a moment of silence that was held early this morning. eight years ago they killed 31 people and the faculty in the deadliest mass shooting. killing themselves after the ram pain. police in florida have made a third arrest in that spring
5:35 pm
break gang rape. from tennessee, he has been arrested where they were already under arrest, charged with sexual battery. police say that the bystanders watched the attack and they did nothing to stop it. found guilty of drunken boating, being ordered to help one of the victims. ordered to pay them nearly $2,000 for their pain and suffering and medical bills. he was one of the handful of people hurting on the river. and the blood alcohol content was more than twice. (mark) and the outbreak is growing as officials now say that at least 1,000 case of the flu have been reported. >> reporter: that sluggishness is the first symptom of the dog flu. and in parts of the midwest, they would have them taking caution. >> we try not to interact with people as we are walking or the
5:36 pm
other animals that we don't know. >> reporter: more than 1,000 cases have been reported in illinois, wisconsin, ohio, and indiana. the new flu strain is usually found in asia and has never been seen in the u.s. it is highly contagious. in the chicago area, they now suited up. >> this is truly an outbreak. >> and the animal hospital on the city's north side. >> that is what we would call it as they have never seen anything like this, they are not ready to fight it. >> reporter: they are isolated, some are treated. but at least six have died. they think that the flu vaccine could help protect it, urging pet owners to avoid the other
5:37 pm
places until the jut break would die down. and the flu strain is not a threat to humans. if they come in to contact, you could transmit it to the other dogs. after 11 years of the fixes where they would come to the bipartisan agreement on the reform bill. the house speaker and the president of the senate forum, they would sign that bill today on capitol hill. now the call saving measure after it is signed in to law, they will permanently change the way that they would pay the doctors to extend the health insurance program to two years. >> at a time when we would face the spending problem. marking the first entitlement reform in nearly two decades. it was accomplished by working together to find common ground on behalf of the american people. >> reporter: that was the result of the negotiations between the house minority
5:38 pm
leader. president obama has said that he will sign it. ceremonies were held around the world today for the an wall remembrance day in israel. a two-minute siren was heard throughout the country, during which israelis held a moment of silence for the six million jews. the ceremonies were also held to honor the victims. some scary moments is that the tour bus bursted in to flames. plus, the unique challenge for one young girl caught drinking under age. we'll tell you why she is playing rock, paper, sigh so fares with the security guard. a pretty good evening out here, and i want to show you the future cast as we moved it up to 11:00. and looking for a few showers
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with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring, and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. you may be able to get up to 12 months at no cost. taking a look at the latest trending story. first up, the viral video of the girl getting out of a
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ticket in a truly unique way. >> she is getting out of that ticket, going big time viral where the girl, she was challenged to that bargaining match. despite being a little tipsy, she passes and they would hold up their end of the bargain. no citation at this time. they are high in this neck of the woods. check out how high they would hold for. it's the condo in that neighborhood. $415,000. sound like a lot? that's 39% over the asking price. >> they are downsizing big time. >> and they have caused quite a bit of controversy with their flavors. now this makes significant backlash on social media for those working to end sex trafficking. now nating a portion to the organization.
5:43 pm
and instead, creation. >> coconut milk. >> what does it taste like? >> thai basil cilantro. it doesn't necessarily sound like a good ice cream. >> well, i don't know. much about that. >> no, it is not. still to come on wusa9 news at 5:30. a truck dangles on the edge as crews make a high wire rescue during rush hour ahead. plus, a new pair of glasses to help bring things in to focus. we'll take a
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5:47 pm
this traffic incident near boston, but some tense moments that the truck dangled off the busy express way as they went through the barrier. they were able to rescue the driver to get that truck back up on their four wheels. it's cell phones, laptops, to easily be distracted. >> they might be able to bring things in to focus. they will explain. >> you have your phone next to you with your computer and the windows that are going on. >> and of today's world, distract them while they are working as they are suppose to help. >> so it becomes more natural. than something that they were suppose to do. >> and it is called narbit. the mother and son developer
5:48 pm
say that the glasses read brain activity. when they are fully concentrating, they become lighter as they would say by working to keep them clear, they train their brains to focus. >> you are getting con stand feedback on what your brain is doing and it is changing the intensity of what you see. >> reporter: there are other monitoring devices on the market to incorporate the meditation and also the brain games that could improve their focus. but the neuroscience expert believes that there are cheaper ways for them to do it. the simple change in routine, even exercise could improve focus. >> changing up your environment, learning something new for you to form a new connection, which is very healthy for the brain. >> and the glasses could make a difference. >> i'll be working something new for you and it has been clear for a long period of time. really reassuring. >> reporter: they cost about $300. for cbs news, new york.
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>> and they are not yet made available to the public, but current currently looking for some funding through kick starters. always watching and always tracking. wusa9's first alert weather. >> the most accurate. a nice afternoon turning in to a cloudy evening with a couple of sprinkles. and really it looks worse than what it is as it will be very dry. a lot of it is not reaching the ground at this point. if we have sprinkles, that's it. i doubt that we'll need much more for those places here, approaching mt. vernon track east northeast as we may get a stray shower or sprinkle here with a couple of light showers back towards the spring of hagerstown as all of it is moving towards the northeast. i think we'll be in for a pretty good evening out there. mostly cloudy skies. we were at least 74 today as we needed to check the record to see how warm they would get. but a very fine afternoon.
5:50 pm
right now the south winds are at 10 miles an hour. we'll see a couple of showers later tonight in to the overnight and in to friday as well. friday morning the bus stop temps in the upper 50s, especially northeast of dc. in to the afternoon a shower or a rumble of thunder, but we will be in the low to mid-70s. and saturday looks fantastic. they would show you the moisture coming in, but not much here and there. during the overnight hours is when you'll see the next chance for some of those rain activities. that's where we will focus. but here comes a few showers with a stray thunderstorm that might mix in. so the low to mid-50s after falling to the 60s. not a big deal. well tomorrow, we'll have them
5:51 pm
out next, the low to mid-70s before clear tomorrow night. and the way it is looking now where they would pick a good day to be off. mother nature could reek havoc on baseball players earlier in this season where it is still cold outside. today's inside pitch, they would talk to them about how they would prepare for early season road trips to colder cities. >> reporter: baseball in april on the east coast. get some bad weather, especially up in boston where they recently were. now, the seven feet of snow is gone, but still pretty cold as i decided to ask them what they would be packing for their trip
5:52 pm
to fenway park. >> long johns, a good sweater. i'll have a long sleeved shirt and a jersey, well tight, you know, probably a pair of socks because you never know when you will be called upon the bull pen. >> not that, but you need to have your suit for the road. you know, that to be able to improve. >> i will need to go somewhere and buy some because i don't have a lot of winter clothes. >> maybe next time that they could pass that when they go to see the big green monostore. >> all right, they are gladly back home starting tonight. it's the beginning of the seven- game home stand as they would have them on the mound. and for philadelphia. safely for them, it will be a
5:53 pm
little warmer. >> yes, opening day will be chilly and then you are home free for them there. they played last night. not their best outing to find themselves there coming up in 30 minutes. we'll hear from them on what they would need to do better to get that second win at home. >> thank you. coming up at 6:00, many are wondering why the military jets didn't scramble when they flew in to some of the most heavily defended air space in the world. but first why they landed the comedian
5:54 pm
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he's in the cross hairs of some hunting advocates. >> many are outraged over the social media post, showing the hunter smiling next to the giraffe. >> and they show the big game hunter playing next to the giraffe she had just killed. he tweeted out the image on monday, that it would make you want to kill that beautiful animal and lie next to it smiling with that asalt. one comment reading to hope that they would shoot rebecca. another saying she should be hunted down. francis who appeared on the joy says that they were already
5:57 pm
close. in a statement that she could be utilized by the local group of people that i do not regret it for one second. >> when we would go to hunt there, we will be paying a certain number of dollars for each animal and a part of that money is being used for the animals. >> but the animal rights activist dismissed the hunters with the conservationists in the radio interview. >> it wasn't to give the money to it. but imagine someone saying that he is going to give a million dollars to cancer research. all he wants to do is shoot one. >> and francis had been attacked in the past, but they insist that they had a meaningful purpose. that she knows that they could feed that for a month. she has accomplished something. >> while the number of the africans have dwindled, that they have remained off the
5:58 pm
engaged list. cbs news, new york. more than 140,000 giraffes roamed africa in 1999 according to the conservation fund where it is less than 80,000. many say that this statistic is why the big game hunting should be restricted. the whistle blower wikileaks has put hundreds of thousands of documents from last year's sony hack online. the website says that the data base includes more than 170,000 e-mails from sony. now, sony suffered a cyber attack ahead of the release the movie the interview. in a statement the document showed the inner workings of the company and therefore belong in the public domain. they are not commenting. thank you for watching wusa9 news at 5:00. wusa9 news at 6:00 starts right now. the pilot who landed his
5:59 pm
gyrocopter will learn the conditions that he will need to take to keep him out of jail. the homeland security says that the gyrocopter flew in low and slow. >> and now police, they have finally made some arrests. heading home. the man charged for landing his gyrocopter is out of jail. thanks for being here, i'm derek mcginty. >> i'm lesli foster. he was in the courtroom today for douglas huge's first appearance, joining us live from outside the courthouse. >> he faces two charges that could leave him in jail. but today they set him loose. and sending him back to florida, effectively banning him from dc. >> and the pilot who would hope to deliver a message got a
6:00 pm
message of his own today from that federal judge to get out and stay out. that he faces two charges, related to the capitol lawn yesterday appeared in court still wearing his mail carriers uniform. the judge ordered him release, but set the strict conditions. he'll be confined to his home with gps tracking that he must surrender the passport and also not allowed to play any kind of aircraft and not allowed to step foot there. even then he is banned on going near the white house unless they sign off. >> do you think that they will get the gyrocopter back? >> reporter: leaving court today hughs had nothing to say to reporters about his flight or what's next. in the courtroom, he did have one question for the judge. he asked her if he would still be allowed to continue his job delivering the mail


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